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Frontière Rock 100% Underground du 11.09.18

Frontière Rock 22h minuit chaque mardi spéciale Post Punk, Cold Wave, Deathrock, New Wave, Gothic Rock…
Ré écoutez l’émission Dark du 11 septembre 2018 qui monte en cliquant sur le lien ci dessus.
Une programmation pleine de nouveautés, d’inédits, d’exclus et de classiques et de souvenirs, et un nouvelle chronique chaque semaine « Post Punk Story » et un agenda des concerts de la semaine.
tous les mardis de 22H à Minuit
Ce soir entretien avec Emmanuel du groupe Electric Press Kit pour la présentation de son prochain album Exit qui sortira en février 2019 + la chronique « The Post-Punk Story » sur le groupe magazine + l’Agenda des concert s de la semaine
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Electric-Press-Kit-161825120506472/
Bandcamp : https://electricpresskit.bandcamp.com/

Frontière Rock 22h midnight every Tuesday special Post Punk, Cold Wave, Deathrock, New Wave, Gothic Rock …
Listen again to the Dark show of september 11th, 2018 which goes up by clicking on the link above.
A program full of novelties, unreleased, exclusives and classics and memories, and a new weekly column « Post Punk Story » and a calendar of concerts of the week.
every Tuesday from 22H to midnight
Tonight interview with Emmanuel of the Electric Press Kit group for the presentation of his next album Exit which will be released in February 2019 + the chronicle « The Post-Punk Story » on the magazine group + the Agenda of concert s of the week
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Electric-Press-Kit-161825120506472/
Bandcamp: https://electricpresskit.bandcamp.com/

Date: 11/09/2018
Slot: 22h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 22:04:50 Totengeläut Ashes
Tuesday 22:09:07 Outer Limit Lotus Everything Ends Too Soon
Tuesday 22:12:47 Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos Charlotte Sometimes
Tuesday 22:17:31 Follow Me Not We’re dying
Tuesday 22:23:29 Daer Deer Disco-discord
Tuesday 22:27:36 Made In Poland Ku swietlanej
Tuesday 22:32:17 Yung Rivethead BLACK NAILS, BLACK LIPS
Tuesday 22:36:00 Travesty Child Dream’s Keep
Tuesday 22:49:49 ELECTRIC PRESS KIT Desert song mastering
Tuesday 22:55:25 Magazine The Light Pours Out of Me

Date: 11/09/2018
Slot: 23h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 23:06:19 Luc Stargazer The Dragonfly
Tuesday 23:10:45 Filthy Soft Restraint
Tuesday 23:16:32 Slovenska Televiza Es el Ordenador
Tuesday 23:19:34 Unmaker Children of The Clouds
Tuesday 23:24:17 Bloodletter Protection
Tuesday 23:28:02 The Glass House Museum Nightmare
Tuesday 23:33:57 White Mansion SCARRED
Tuesday 23:38:12 Eve Black Into The Nothing
Tuesday 23:41:53 Indice De Inviernos Desde la fábrica
Tuesday 23:44:21 Soft Kill Just A Body (Demo)
Tuesday 23:52:32 HERLIGHTS SHE CAME
Tuesday 23:56:44 Disorder The Cavalry Of Wo