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Attitude Week-End : ERIC BOUVELLE - ?Kiwi samba (samba)

Frontière Rock 100% Underground du 16.11.21

Frontière Rock 22h minuit chaque mardi et découvrir toute l'actualité de la scène Underground mondiale : Post Punk - Cold Wave - Dark Wave - Gothic Rock - Shoegaze Ré écoutez l’émission Dark du mardi 9 Novembre 2021 qui monte en cliquant sur le lien ci dessus.
Une programmation pleine de nouveautés, d’inédits, d'exclus et de classiques et de souvenirs.
Ce soir la Frontière recevait en entretien Cold VICTOR PROVIS pour son livre GOTHIC ROCK ANTHOLOGIE EN 100 ALBUMS DE 1980 A 2000 paru aux éditions LE MOT ET LE RESTE.

Frontière Rock 22h midnight every 9th Tuesday and discover all the news of the world Underground scene: Post Punk – Cold Wave – Dark Wave – Gothic Rock – Shoegaze Re listen to the Dark broadcast of Tuesday November 16th 2021 which goes up by clicking on the link below above.
A program full of novelties, unseen, exclusives and classics and memories.
This evening the Frontier received an interview with Cold VICTOR PROVIS for his book GOTHIC ROCK ANTHOLOGIE EN 100 ALBUMS FROM 1980 TO 2000 published by LE MOT ET LE RESTE.

site : https://lemotetlereste.com/musiques/gothicrock/

Date: 16/11/2021
Slot: 22h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 22:00:00
Tuesday 22:02:48 Any Leave + Second Planet Don’t just want
Tuesday 22:06:38 7 Rainbows In Exile To The Heart Of The Storm
Tuesday 22:09:36 Farewell Forever Lament of the Unbeloved
Tuesday 22:12:48 HIGHER DIMENSION Colder nights
Tuesday 22:17:06 Death Of The Last Beautiful Jaguar Faces In The Dark
Tuesday 22:20:07 Spire Circle So Many Times
Tuesday 22:23:24 This Eternal Decay Lights
Tuesday 22:27:08 Who Saw Her Die? Haunted
Tuesday 22:31:52 cloned miasma
Tuesday 22:33:58 Joy Division Disorder
Tuesday 22:56:42 Virgin Prunes Caucasian Walk

Date: 16/11/2021
Slot: 23h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 23:00:00
Tuesday 23:04:03 Bone Pixie, Umbraeternal, Scotty Sunday i want out
Tuesday 23:09:01 NUN Pet Sematary
Tuesday 23:12:17 The Last Cry Years
Tuesday 23:16:56 The Wake Hammer Hall (Agent Side Grinder Remix)
Tuesday 23:22:26 DENNER Together in Obscurity
Tuesday 23:27:05 arphaxad84 bête et méchant
Tuesday 23:32:01 Dead Born Babies Equilibrio
Tuesday 23:37:27 Dear Agent Brilliance
Tuesday 23:43:10 Dunkelwald Babbulkund
Tuesday 23:46:31 Love in cage Ma vie numérique
Tuesday 23:50:36 Secret Shame Victoria (OST Bloodbath: Victoria’s Secret)
Tuesday 23:53:30 The Sudden Tunnel Vision
Tuesday 23:58:07 The Ire Dirae