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Les Aprem Attitude : WILL LINLEY - Miss Me (When You're Gone)

Frontière Rock 100% Underground du 21.06.22

Frontière Rock 22h minuit chaque mardi et découvrir toute l'actualité de la scène Underground mondiale : Post Punk - Cold Wave - Dark Wave - Gothic Rock - Shoegaze Ré écoutez l’émission Dark du mardi 21 juin 2022 qui monte en cliquant sur le lien ci dessus.
Une programmation pleine de nouveautés, d’inédits, d'exclus et de classiques et de souvenirs.
Ce soir la Frontière Fête sa musique !
+ l'agenda des concerts de la semaine concocté par notre Dénicheur

Frontière Rock 10 p.m. midnight every Tuesday and discover all the news of the world Underground scene: Post Punk – Cold Wave – Dark Wave – Gothic Rock – Shoegaze Ré listen to the Dark show of Tuesday June 21th, 2022 which goes up by clicking on the link below above.
A program full of novelties, unreleased, exclusives and classics and memories.
Tonight the Border celebrates its music !
+ the schedule of concerts for the week concocted by our Site Finder

Date: 21/06/2022
Slot: 22h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 22:00:00
Tuesday 22:02:40 Deathtrippers Unity of Light
Tuesday 22:09:06 Mark E Moon Electronic
Tuesday 22:13:23 A Projection Dark City
Tuesday 22:16:52 Remembrance Your Sex, My Agony
Tuesday 22:21:13 The Breath Of Life Nasty Cloud
Tuesday 22:25:59 The Discussion Like Rain
Tuesday 22:29:09 Kylesa Unspoken
Tuesday 22:33:55 The Damned The Shadow Of Love
Tuesday 22:38:46 Nosferatu Darkness Brings
Tuesday 22:45:43 Complicity Playing God
Tuesday 22:49:11 Dronning Maud Land Pleasure Death
Tuesday 22:54:22 Seraphin Twin Rebirth

Date: 21/06/2022
Slot: 23h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 23:00:00
Tuesday 23:04:48 Still Patient Bad Dreams
Tuesday 23:09:44 This Burning Effigy Affliction
Tuesday 23:13:47 HIGHER DIMENSION Focus
Tuesday 23:17:01 Then Comes Silence Death Rides
Tuesday 23:21:09 Metro Verlaine The Fall
Tuesday 23:24:05 Gwendoline Audi RTT
Tuesday 23:28:42 Turquoise Voix off
Tuesday 23:31:32 Claustraphobia One Day
Tuesday 23:35:48 Skuund Social Animal
Tuesday 23:40:09 Gallows’ Eve Born To Die
Tuesday 23:43:58 virgin orchestra on your knees
Tuesday 23:49:37 Sally Dige I Will Be the Sun for You
Tuesday 23:54:11 Caron Dimonio Quinta del sordo
Tuesday 23:56:54 Trisomie21 Breaking Dwon