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Du rythme et du style : MANU CHAO - Bongo Bong (Francis Mercier Remix)

Frontière Rock 100% Underground du 25.01.22

Frontière Rock 22h minuit chaque mardi et découvrir toute l'actualité de la scène Underground mondiale : Post Punk - Cold Wave - Dark Wave - Gothic Rock - Shoegaze Ré écoutez l’émission Dark du mardi 25 Janvier 2022 qui monte en cliquant sur le lien ci dessus.
Une programmation pleine de nouveautés, d’inédits, d'exclus et de classiques et de souvenirs.
Ce soir la Frontière recevait en entretien Cold le groupe ELECTRIC PRESS KIT (Post Punk / France)

Frontière Rock 22h midnight every 9th Tuesday and discover all the news of the world Underground scene: Post Punk – Cold Wave – Dark Wave – Gothic Rock – Shoegaze Re listen to the Dark broadcast of Tuesday January 25th 2022 which goes up by clicking on the link below above.
A program full of novelties, unseen, exclusives and classics and memories.
This evening the Frontière received in Cold interview the group ELECTRIC PRESS KIT ( Post Punk / French)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/electricpresskit
Bandcamp : https://electricpresskit.bandcamp.com/

Date: 25/01/2022
Slot: 22h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 22:00:00
Tuesday 22:02:51 Gwendoline Âmes Soeurs
Tuesday 22:05:14 The Wake First (MH Mix 1.1)
Tuesday 22:08:58 A Mouvment Of Return crucifixa
Tuesday 22:12:35 Ductape Never
Tuesday 22:18:05 SRSQ Someday I Will Bask in the Sun
Tuesday 22:22:01 Like What Out Alive
Tuesday 22:24:59 SKELESYS Kill Me With Love
Tuesday 22:30:52 Menthüll Pour un silence
Tuesday 22:36:31 Suffering For Kisses Monsters
Tuesday 22:40:22 BLANK PICTURE Ghost
Tuesday 22:43:56 Silent Runners My Truth
Tuesday 22:56:40 ELECTRIC PRESS KIT De battre mon coeur

Date: 25/01/2022
Slot: 23h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 23:00:00
Tuesday 23:01:58 Khaloune The Only Time
Tuesday 23:05:51 Niton Decay Blinding White Fire [Lycia Cover]
Tuesday 23:09:43 Æsthetic will RAPIMENTO
Tuesday 23:12:42 DARK DESIRE
Tuesday 23:16:51 Haunt Me Watch You Bleed
Tuesday 23:21:38 Into Her Final Sleep How Far Down
Tuesday 23:24:55 The Sea At Midnight Oceans
Tuesday 23:29:28 Wires & Lights Mayday
Tuesday 23:35:29 Goiter Spot on the Ceiling
Tuesday 23:39:12 Give My Remains to Broadway What a Horrible Night
Tuesday 23:41:30 The last passenger Тунельний робітник
Tuesday 23:44:34 Nass Zuruck Shadowplay
Tuesday 23:49:00 Tides Cosmic Flower
Tuesday 23:51:03 God in a Black Suit Nails MKII
Tuesday 23:55:56 Sea Lungs Piss Up a Rope