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Frontière Rock 100% Underground du 02.08.22

Frontière Rock 22h minuit chaque mardi et découvrir toute l'actualité de la scène Underground mondiale : Post Punk - Cold Wave - Dark Wave - Gothic Rock - Shoegaze
Ré écoutez l’émission Dark du mardi 02 Août 2022 qui monte en cliquant sur le lien ci dessus.

Frontière Rock 22h midnight every Tuesday and discover all the news of the world Underground scene: Post Punk – Cold Wave – Dark Wave – Gothic Rock – Shoegaze Re listen to the Dark broadcast of Tuesday august 2th 2022 which goes up by clicking on the link below above.

Date: 02/08/2022
Slot: 22h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 22:00:00
Tuesday 22:00:17 Siouxsie and the Banshees Happy House
Tuesday 22:04:01 THE BREATH OF LIFE Ashes to ashes (DAVID BOWIE cover)
Tuesday 22:08:11 Rosegarden Funeral Party Painless
Tuesday 22:12:07 Sarajevo & Moi Letter To Oblivion
Tuesday 22:17:01 Sarakiniko Fall Will Pass
Tuesday 22:20:35 Je T’Aime Stupid Songs (feat. Ophelia)
Tuesday 22:24:39 New Today Wish
Tuesday 22:28:28 Crying Vessel Its So Strange
Tuesday 22:31:55 Blind Delon Crève
Tuesday 22:35:29 None Die Kälte
Tuesday 22:39:20 New Model Army Winter
Tuesday 22:43:45 IC2 Falling Down
Tuesday 22:47:38 L’Avenir Shadow Dance
Tuesday 22:51:47 The Ire The Adventitious
Tuesday 22:53:58 Twin Tribes Shadows
Tuesday 22:57:04 Tuxedomoon In a manner of speaking

Date: 02/08/2022
Slot: 23h
Hour Performer Title
Tuesday 23:00:00
Tuesday 23:00:17 Vox Low Now we’re ready to spend
Tuesday 23:05:12 Xmal Deutschland Incubus Succubus
Tuesday 23:10:38 Leonora Post Punk Polvo
Tuesday 23:15:43 Winter Severity Index Cause and Effect
Tuesday 23:19:28 Echoberyl Mother Solitude (Club version)
Tuesday 23:23:23 Turquoise Le Bruit
Tuesday 23:26:27 LAvenir Souvenir
Tuesday 23:31:20 Wintercries YO ESTOY MUERTO
Tuesday 23:34:11 SEASURFER Drifting (Stereoskop Remix)
Tuesday 23:39:48 Suzi Sabotage Nazi Goths, Fuck Off
Tuesday 23:43:08 Alex Sindrome Class 1987
Tuesday 23:46:49 Motorama Pole Star
Tuesday 23:49:59 Austere Moon Marian (sisters of mercy cover)
Tuesday 23:54:38 Asylum Party Together In The Fall