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Les Aprem Attitude : BENSON BOONE - Beautiful Things

Rockland S09 EP40 du 28.05.24

Le rock est mort, vive ROCKLAND !
Mardi 21h-22h sur Attitude.
98.3 / 90.7 / attitudefm.com

Greedy Guts – All for you
Bad Astronaut – Single
Okay, Super! – All the Time
Hagara – Naluri
Inf. (InfiniteNonsenseFear) – Time
Humans Etcetera featuring Kellii Scott, Gavin Cushman III – Odd Zoom
Kev and Cam – The Opposite Of A Dog
Strelitzia – Sben
Autumn’s Journey – Wilted Flowers
Amyl and the Sniffers – Shake Ya
Wreckage – Can’t Let This Die
Mud Dauber – She’s So Heavy
Fontaines D.C. – Starburster
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (live)
The Pixies – La La Love you