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Les Aprem Attitude : BILL MEDLEY - (I've Had) The Time of My Life

Rockland S09 EP02 du 05.09.23

Le rock est mort, vive ROCKLAND !
Mardi 21h-22h sur Attitude.
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Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender
Zabriskie Point – Juke box
Versus The World – Poison in the Well
Lagwagon – Poison in the Well
Lagwagon – May 16th (acoustic)
Take Off – Coming down (live)
Winter Blues Band – Tumblin Down
Cour Suprême – Fairy Beauty
Myster D – It makes me move
Louis Bertignac – Allez vite
The Hives – Bogus Operandi
Muse – In Your World
The Distillers – For Tonight You’re Only Here To Know
Queen – It’s Late
Frank Turner – Falling in Love (NOFX cover)