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Les Affreux Jojos : CELESTAL - Beautiful Lie

Rockland S08 EP18 du 03.01.23

Le rock est mort, vive ROCKLAND !
Mardi 21h-22h sur Attitude

The Breeders – New Year
Black Sky Giant – Primigenian
Black Sky Giant – At The Gates
Jumbo Shrimp Inc. – Sun
Jumbo Shrimp Inc. – Love with Lying
The Freqs – Witch
Superhero – Duracell
Superhero – Stop Breaking My Heart
Earth Freaks – Just My Luck
Electric Shadow – Ad Man
Wine Lips – Eyes
Wine Lips – Tension
Wine Lips – Get Your Money
A.A. Mr. Napkin Head – Locked
Evan Bailey – I Saw a Mouse Die On My Floor