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Les Aprem Attitude : BRITNEY SPEARS - Hold Me Closer (Elton John)

Rockland S09 EP04 du 19.09.23

Le rock est mort, vive ROCKLAND !
Mardi 21h-22h sur Attitude.
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South of the grapevine (Slayer & Creedence Clearwater Revival mashup by Waxaudio)
Queens of the Stone Age – Regular John
Queens of the Stone Age – Avon
Queens of the Stone Age – If Only
The Lazy Eyes – The Island
The Lazy Eyes – Where’s My Brain???
TesseracT – Legion
Baroness – Last Word
Mclusky – Unpopular parts of a pig
Mclusky – The digger you deep
David Gilmour – High Hopes (live at Pompeii 2016)
Spank – to survive (live @ Bikini)
Foo Fighters – Wind up